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Flare Jeans for Women:

A fresh new flare

Flare jeans are having (another) comeback -- and we’re on board. Whether it’s the original high-rises of the flower power era or that Y2K low-rise vibe, the flare has returned, and who can complain? This is the style you need to refresh your denim silhouette. Plus, they look good with any shoe and top. If you need some evidence (or inspiration), just add some 2000s red carpet photos to your mood board. Black flare jeans add sophistication to your look (especially with a blazer) while blue jeans have more of a casual (dare we say festival) vibe to them. You can also get flared jeans with some embroidery for a western or bohemian feel, or maybe some ripped flare jeans for some instant vintage vibes. There are a lot of options for every style and body type. As mentioned earlier, high-rise is the true vintage style, while “bum-hugging” low-rises are a 90s and 2000s throwback. But you can also go in-between with an unpresumptuous mid-rise flare jean. And there are degrees to the flare too. You can go with something subtle, that’s closer to a bootcut, or go full flow and retro with a bell bottom. Whatever you decide to go with, check the Bootlegger collection first, we probably have what you’re looking for.

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