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Straight Jeans for Women:

A Straight Up Classic

Let’s get one thing straight: Straight jeans are here to stay. But then again, did, they ever really leave? They’re a classic fit for guys and gals, as attested by photos of Marlon and Marilyn that still grace the mood boards of today. Women's straight jeans bring a flair that’s somehow both timeless and contemporary and -- let’s face it -- straight jeans are a little easier to wear than their form-fitting cousins. On top of that, straight jeans look good on just about any body type – or with any shoe. Pair them with heels for a night out or with sneakers for a casual vibe or with chunky boots for that rebel look. Cute but comfortable, sexy but modest, straight jeans are a go-to leg shape you need in your denim repertoire. In the spectrum of denim, straight leg jeans fall squarely in the middle. Not tight, not baggy, but just right. Maybe that’s what makes them timeless, as the trend pendulum swings from skinny to wide, straight leg jeans stay steadfast and effortlessly cool in the middle. If you need a pair of women’s straight leg jeans, we have a selection that’s ready to browse, in person or just a scroll or two away.

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