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Skinny Jeans for Women:

That Sleek, Smoothing, Second Skin Fit

Skinny jeans will always have a place in our hearts -- and our closets. It's a classic silhouette, no matter what Gen Z says. When you find a pair of skinny jeans that hugs you just right, their leg-lengthening, butt-lifting, and curve-enhancing magic can’t be beaten by any other style of jeans. 

Do you want to swap out your skinny jeans for sweats as soon as you get home? Maybe. But that’s the whole point. Skinny jeans are for (everyday) special occasions. Or maybe sometimes they can stay on. Maybe they have enough flex that they’re easy to move in, offering comfort that works at the club or on the couch.

There are so many variations too. Ripped skinny jeans land that instant vintage appeal. Blue skinny jeans go great with tanks and tees. Black skinny jeans add a hint of polish (or rock star vibes) especially when paired with a boot. Whatever you’re looking for, Bootlegger’s got you covered. We have skinny jeans from Levi’s, Silver, and Kancan plus our exclusive in-house brands. Check out our collection in person or shop online to make your form-fitting dreams come true. 

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