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Women's Bootcut Jeans

They’re not just for cowgirls. Despite their western roots and (potentially) misleading name, women’s bootcut jeans can be worn by anyone and with any shoe. Sure, they’re made with boots in mind, but they’re loved by sneakers, heels, and flats too. Just look up 2000s red carpet photos if you don’t believe us. 

While they might get mistaken for their fraternal twin, the flared jean, there is a difference. Flared jeans tend to have a little more panache with a tight seat and thigh that jets out to a pronounced flare around the knee. Bootcut jeans, on the other hand, have a more conservative silhouette thanks to a touch more room in the saddle while still widening at or just below the knee. That unassuming everyday fit flatters curves and elongates legs. It also makes them versatile, pairing well with t-shirts and blouses for casual looks or button up shirts and blazers for a more polished vibe.

Low-rise bootcuts will land you more of Y2K look, while mid to high-rise bootcut jeans are versatile and reminiscent of 70s rockers and bikers (and of course cowgirls of any era). They also come in a wide range of washes and fades for whatever look you’re after. At Bootlegger we carry women’s bootcut jeans from Levi’s for that original look but also have timeless and modern varieties from KanCan, Guess, and more – not to mention our in-house brands. Go ahead and take a look. We probably have something you’ll love.

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