our story
legend has it...

It was the late 60s, when free-spirited young adults, outfitted in jeans every day, began to make their mark in the world. Capitalizing on this cultural shift, the General Pant Company opened in Vancouver in 1971, offering the best assortment of jeans in town.

Unfortunately, there was a bit of confusion with the name (The General Paint Company was receiving too many phone calls about jeans), and thus, the founders met over beers in a pub to change the name. It was there that they changed the name to Bootlegger, and thus our journey as the "best place for jeans" began.

40+ years and millions of jeans later, Bootlegger has grown to become one of the most trusted and recognized brands in Canada, providing great service and the best selection of jeans, and everything that goes with jeans, for young adults.

Our Values
Partnerships built on trust... we achieve greater results together.
Open, honest and straightforward communication... always.
Respect and integrity... in actions, words, and commitments.
New ideas with great execution.
Curious, open-minded, and solutions-focused.
Learning through experience and sharing.
Going the distance to get it right.
Fearlessness with discipline.
Creative and commerce.
Big picture and small details.